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Lose Weight. Live Life. Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

On this episode we explore what’s going on for us when we’re thinking we’re not on track or that we cannot get back on track. And I’m guessing that even if that’s not your experience right now, that you know what I am relating to.


In fact, this idea of not being able to get back on track, is often one of...

Jan 22, 2021


When your approach to weight loss has been a restrictive diet, it’s likely that when you think about losing weight, you’re thinking of a process that you want to be over as quickly as possible.


Your focus in on the end goal, your target weight or a certain clothes size, or a health improvement and you expect to...

Jan 15, 2021


When I was struggling to lose my weight, I used to think that losing weight through not dieting was just another way of eating a healthy balanced diet, without all the extras, and to me that still felt like a diet.


Now I understand that it’s much less about what and how you’re eating and more about your...

Jan 8, 2021


Today we explore your thoughts and feelings about weighing yourself.


We consider why we sometimes avoid weighing ourselves, why we sometimes weigh ourselves every day, or why we feel that once a week is the right thing to do.


And we explore the idea that how often you weigh yourself is far less important than the...

Jan 1, 2021


So, if you’re reading this your survived 2020!




So, what’s next? What are your intentions for 2021?


One thing that I’ve discovered this year is that no matter what happens in my life, and I’m talking about those things over which I have no control, I can cope and show up in better...