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Lose Weight. Live Life. Podcast

Jun 18, 2021


On this episode I talk about letting go of the default negative thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself.


We spend so much time doing and so little time being.


We don’t stop to question the incessant chatter, the dialogue we have running in the back of our mind.


We might notice the day feels...

Jun 11, 2021


On this episode I chat to my husband about his diabetes diagnosis and management.


More people than ever have diabetes. In the US 14.3% of people have Type 2 diabetes and 38% are pre diabetic. That’s more than half of the population.  


Many people do not realise the catastrophic effect diabetes has on the entire...

Jun 4, 2021


So today I am talking to you about everything to do with eating when you’re not preparing your own meals to have at home. So I am talking about eating in restaurants as a part of a social occasion, dining in others homes, eating on the go when traveling, work entertaining – all the things that you’ve maybe not...