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Lose Weight. Live Life. Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

It's for those of you curious about what it's like inside of the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy. The call is all about how to overcome obstacles on your weight loss journey. We talk about setting goals, using failure to help you, and explore how you can break down your obstacles to truly understand them, and...

Aug 20, 2021


Do you find yourself thinking that you could lose weight if only you had more time to do all the things?


That was me, so I can relate.


And yet of course you likely know that eating less food or different food doesn’t need to take more time.


If time is blocking you from doing what you want in life, whether...

Aug 13, 2021


I am so pleased to introduce you to my favourite podcast episode ever.


Today I am talking to 3 ladies from the January 2021 - 6 month Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind.


Join me in hearing their amazing stories of their amazing weight loss journey’s, the challenges they’ve overcome and hear them...

Aug 6, 2021


How do other people help or hinder you on your weight loss journey? In today’s episode we shine a light on how other people’s opinions, or your perception of other people’s opinions, are making your weight loss journey more difficult.


We explore how we allow the words that people say and the things that...