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Lose Weight. Live Life. Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Get a sneak peek inside The Academy with this training on Food, Feelings and Urges that’s been the focus this month. Not only will you get insight into the trainings available to you in The Academy, in addition to the multiple live coaching calls every week. You’ll also learn: what’s going on, step-by-step, when...

Apr 22, 2022

Today I am talking to you about why now, right now, no matter what is going on in your life, is the right time for you to make yourself a priority and work on creating a relationship with food and yourself that you love. And it may, or it may not, be the right time for you to work at losing weight.

In this episode...

    Apr 15, 2022

    Join me on this episode as I talk about the impact of the new UK legislation to publish calories on restaurant menus in the UK. What are the challenges it presents and how can we use it to help and not hinder our dining experience, our relationship with food and weight loss journey.

    And we consider the challenges it...

    Apr 8, 2022

    Join me on this episode as I share what it means to Find Food Freedom for me and members of the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy.

    And as always, it’s not just about the food, it’s also about experiencing freedom in everything we think, feel and do in connection with food and ourselves. And it’s about what it means...

    Apr 1, 2022

    Join me on this episode as I talk about ‘Feeling Emotion’.

    Eating is a very normal way for us humans to manage our emotions, but when we’re using food to manage our emotions to the extent that we’re unhealthy or unhappy with our weight, then it’s time to look for new solutions to emotionally regulate.

    If you...