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Lose Weight. Live Life. Podcast

Dec 18, 2020


On this episode we look at the sway or influence that your relationship with food has over your relationship with other people, whether they are family, friends or colleagues, and vice versa. So we also explore how your different relationships with other people impact what and how you eat.


Have you given much...

Dec 11, 2020


In this episode I talk to you about Christmas thought errors.


What if I told you the reason that you, me or the average woman gains weight over Christmas has little to do with the parties and celebrations and the special Christmas foods available, and far more to do with a person’s thoughts, mindset and beliefs...

Dec 4, 2020



In this episode I talk to you about overwhelm.


Overwhelm is something that many of us experience much of the time, but it can be especially prevalent at this time of year.


Overwhelm is an emotion, a feeling which is a one-word description of a vibration in your body. There is no upside to overwhelm, it does not...